Be inspired by a wonderful Yoga Retreat in Bali!


The individualized yoga retreat in Bali is the ideal way to discover yourself through yoga, meditation and movement in a breathtaking natural environment directly by the sea. 

This hidden paradise is located directly at the lava beach of the Indian Ocean in the north coast of Bali in Bondalem-Tejakula, far away from mass tourism, where the island of the gods, still is in its original and spiritual diversity. This is a  magical place of beauty, tranquility and peace, and an ideal place for anyone who wants a special place to reflect, transform, read, write, enjoy, self-indulge and to release the soul. 

The unique experience goes beyond yoga and meditation. There are many additional opportunities, such as: observing dolphins, snorkeling, diving, to climbing volcanoes and experiencing Balinese culture and art.